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We are Moving to a New Website Platform

Our New Website will Better Serve Our Members

new uss yosemite association website

Our new USS Yosemite Association website

The old website has a lot of content that we want to preserve and migrate to the new website over a period of time. Hence, we will have 2 websites (ussyosemite.com & ussyosemite.net) operational for this migration period. Once all the relevant content is moved over to the new site, both domain addresses will point to the new website and the old site will be retired. The old website has been retired. Hence, the ussyosemite.com website no longer exists.

We are proud to announce the new USS Yosemite Association Website with improvements to better serve our members and visitors. Our goal is to create a new website experience using state-of-the-art technology while fostering the familiar feeling of being on-board “The Busy Lady”.

Our new website is built with the most advanced and innovative “open-source” software infrastructure. It functions as a Content Management System with the primary purpose to publish information easily and provide more interaction between you and us. We designed the new site with more capabilities and the ability to expand it with more enhancements to grow our community of USS Yosemite crew members, US Navy veterans and honorary members.

With this new website, we have changed the way we do our workflow to manage content. Instead of using a programmer, now our staff can create and change and manage the content directly. This means it’s easier to communicate with our members and fewer steps to deliver content. It allows us to improve the USS Yosemite Association brand image and Internet visibility to attract new members. It also makes us be more efficient and cost effective.

Our Association’s plan is to start using the new website immediately and keep the old website intact and actually point to it on our new menu bar. Over a period of time, we will migrate the content from the old site that’s worth keeping to the new website. The new website has the ability to organize information better and provide a structure based on content types, categories, keyword tags, meta data and search capabilities. This makes it more proficient to find information and to logically organize content, so it’s easier for the user to find what they are seeking. Our strategy is to use the new website to deliver more value to our members.

Please feel free to contact us about our new website with recommendations, feedback or suggestions by leaving a comment on this Blog article.

Thank you for your continued support of the USS Yosemite Association. We look forward to serving you as a member.