Tell Your Story

USS Yosemite Association Online Request for Your Story

We want to capture your stories to preserve them for the future and share them now with the crew, family members, and US Navy sailors on our website. We are all linked to the USS Yosemite History. Our Association’s mission is to keep the USS Yosemite alive in the hearts and minds of Navy personnel and families. Thus, we want to hear the many untold or undocumented stories before they are lost. Life is short, and every year our numbers decline. The sailors of the USS Yosemite are an essential asset and a living testimonial of our Naval History.

So, please don’t put off telling your stories, and please attend this year’s Reunion and connect with our Yosemite crew members, friends, and family. We want to hear from you. This year our goal is to continue to capture the stories and history of the “Busy Lady” and post them on our website and save these valuable stories for posterity before there are lost.

All of the crew have stories that they will never forget. They also have fond experiences and funny or interesting incidents that remain fresh in our minds after all these years. There are other familiar stories already told but unrecorded that we have heard before. Some stories we rarely speak about that are about the excitement of battle stations, the trauma of being at war or sailing in an angry sea with waves 30 feet tall. What about those times aboard the Busy Lady that was boring and uneventful, and finishing the assigned job was all you thought about for days?

We connected by a shared history of the USS Yosemite, and when we tell our stories, the room lights up and triggers old memories to surface, and all of a sudden, in our mind’s eye, we are there on the deck with the smell of salt in a warm sea breeze hitting our face.

Think about some of the unique things you were involved with that few people knew about. You must have some funny stories, a story about your finest moment, a story about a huge challenge you met, there are always stories about ports of call you visited with your buddies, etc.

Bring these Stories to the Yosemite Reunion; if you want, we will capture them and share them. Or we can capture these stories right now by the form below, so they can be read at our Reunion and immediately put on our website.

Give Us Your Stories, and We will Keep Them as Value Treasures to Share with the World!