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Yosemite Association Membership

Membership requires either a one-time Life Time Member Fee based on age or an annual subscription of $15 or a one-time Lifetime Member Fee of $60.

  • Online: You can complete the online form below and mail us a check for the amount of the Life Time Member Fee or the annual subscription of $15.

Member Note:
Anyone who has served on the USS Yosemite is eligible for “Regular Membership.”  The dues are either $15.00 a year or a  “Lifetime Membership” of a one-time fee of $60. We feel the “Lifetime Membership” is a better deal! The page provides details. Anyone supporting the Association’s objectives can be granted Associate Membership with the sponsorship of a regular member.  If you wish to be a part of our group – make it known to us.  We will find someone to sponsor you.  Many of us have been on other Tenders, some in the “Dixie” Class (Sister Ships).  We are happy to have a large Yosemite Family!  We look forward to seeing new faces.

Apply Online: Click on the USS Yosemite Online Membership Application Form, submit it, write a check for the membership dues and send it to the address below. Please note: send the check for the membership dues by postal mail to  Tina Briones Smith. Thank you for your patience and support.

Membership in the USS Yosemite Association is open to all shipmates who have served on The Busy Lady.

Annual dues are $15.00 or Life Time Member Fee is available. Membership officially runs from January 1st through December 31st.

USS Yosemite Association Membership
Tina Briones Smith, Secretary
5107 Reagan Dr.
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Tina Briones Smith (USS Yosemite Association Secretary) may be reached by her cell: (734) 308-0402 or by Email:


Renewals can be sent to the same address with the $15 subscription fee. There are no renewals for those members who select the Life Time Member Fee.

Note: Members are encouraged to share Yosemite-related photos and memories with the Association for publication on this website. Membership in the USS Yosemite Association is open to all shipmates who have served on her.

Life Time Member of a one-time fee of $60 or a $15 subscription yearly – it’s your choice.