We are currently working on the next USS Yosemite Association Reunion

charleston south carolina the next 2025 reunion

Please consider attending our next Reunion, which is scheduled for April 23-27, 2025, in Charleston, South Carolina, the last Wednesday in April 2025; it always runs Wednesday through Saturday, with guests departing Sunday morning.  We always get great hotel rates, and Breakfast is normally included.

Currently, I am working on 3 hotels around the airport for easy access and trying to negotiate the best deal possible. We also have one of our members looking at hotels and meeting rooms that will provide an excellent price and quality accommodations.

If you have never been to one of our most recent reunions, they are a blast.  You can eat and drink all you want in our Hospitality Room, and that is a great deal.  We have a Banquet Dinner on Saturday night, followed by a Raffle and an Auction.  Items from the Ship are always a great hit.  We had Rear Admiral Deborah Loewer at the 2024 Rhode Island Reunion, and she donated a beautiful one-inch thick 10” diameter Brass Plaque that was mounted on good wood for a very heavy Ships Brass Plaque.  Better and bigger than any I have or have seen.  It was one of many items that went to a new owner that will surely be cherished.  As the prior ARO, I have lots of things from the ship, and each year, I part with some for the Raffle or Auction.

Come as my Special Guest as a nonmember, and if you have a great time, consider joining the association.

Mark your calendar for April 23 through 27, 2025  and plan on attending and having a wonderful time with your shipmates.

William C. Krug III (Bill)
ARO USS Yosemite 91-93
Mustang USN Retired 26 Years
E-1 to E8 / O-1 to O-4
President USS Yosemite Association