Our coming 2024 USS Yosemite Reunion will be held in Rhode Island.

This is just a Quick Reminder about our 2024 Reunion on April 24, 2024
Rhode Island is a change of venue for us. We usually have our reunions in the southeast or southwest. The USS Yosemite Association team wanted to do something new and interesting for the members. The Providence area is an exciting place to explore and sightsee.

Many people that sign-up for our Reunion look at this annual event as a vacation wrapped up with precious time to meet with old friends and make new ones. Our Renion enhances the quality of life for many of our members later in life. The purpose of our Reunions is to get together as a group with a comment inherit bond of being Navy sailors serving on the “Busy Lady”. We gather for 4 days to remember and share our past experiences, catch up on what’s happening in our lives, meet new friends, and have fun.

Some say that reunions are too expensive. We say our reunions are the perfect venue to relax, have discussions, remember our history, enjoy quality accommodation, get a little exercise, participate in nonstrenuous activities, join a banquet dinner with entertainment, and spend time with people like us with a grounded history that links back to our time on the USS Yosemite. We are families of Navy sailors with great pride of serving our country.

Join us at our 2024 Reunion – it’s time to renew your memories and share stories with old friends. Sign up and bring your guests for a great time and mini-vacation.