Our 2024 Reunion is open to all Navy veterans who previously served onboard the “Busy Lady” that don’t have an Association Membership.

This is a first for our Association, so you can try our Reunion out and have fun!

USS Yosemite Association LogoI just talked with Bill Krug, the USS Yosemite President. Bill said all sailors who served onboard the USS Yosemite are invited to attend as the President’s Special Guest for our 2024 Reunion.  This means all prior ship crew members can sign up to attend our 2024 Reunion for themselves and their families without an Association sponsor. As the President’s Special Guest,  you don’t have to be an Association Member to attend our 2024 Reunion.

As the President’s Special Guest, you can sign up for our 2024 Reunion at the Crown Plaza Airport Hotel Providence, RI on 24-27 April 2024 and participate in our entire Reunion, which includes Hotel reservations & stay and access to our Hospitality Room for free food and drinks, free breakfast, Casino Night, two Tours,  USS Yosemite Association Meeting, Saturday Night  Banquet Dinner,  Raffle, and Auction.

This is a simple way to try out our Association and Reunion with no obligation, have fun, be with like-minded crew members, and be back onboard the “YO YO” in spirit.

For more information or to sign up for our Reunion, click Sign-up for our 2024 USS Yosemite Association Reunion for Best Reunion yet, don’t miss it.


See you at the Reunion!